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Planning A Road Trip? Get This Travel Kit From Pee-Buddy That Has EVERYTHING You Might Need!

Road trips with girlfriends, trekking & camping in the mountains and beach-side partying - you know what the most difficult thing about planning a trip for us ladies is? Nope, it’s not just getting your parents to say yes, it’s something even bigger! It’s being armed with the right ammo for all our girly hygiene problems. And we’ve found a lifesaver who’s on a mission to put an end to this problem and believe us peeps, it’s ah-mazing! 

Hygienic Holidays To You | Pee-Buddy is really the BFF of all the girls in the world! We’ve already told you about their amazing use & throw funnels that let us pee while standing, saving us from dreaded UTs and the horrors of public toilets. These guys have put together a travel kit for all the ladies and it’s got everything you can imagine for hygienic, hassle-free travel. 

Besides 10 funnels of Pee-Buddy, the kit has 5 Feminine Pain Relief Patches for those godawful days *read periods*, 15 disposal bags, 1 pack of Intimate Wet Wipe & another of Multi Use Wipes, 2 pairs of Underarm Sweat Pads ‘cause you obviously don’t want to have sweat prints *duh* and 20 patches of Mosquito Repellent and we really couldn’t have asked for more! 

So order yours right away and have happy and hygienic travels! Cheers! 

Price | Rs 999 
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