So listen up all the social media freaks and hardcore bhukkads out there - there’s a mini cafe in town that is dedicated to y’all! Confused? Well, Social Foodie Inside is a li’l cafe Vikaspuri that is famous for dishing out the quirkiest dishes at dirt cheap prices and amazing quantity. We decided to head over this place and try out these 5 hatke dishes, check it out!  

1. Butter Chicken Momos 

Yeah, take a moment and let this sink in! This place is actually serving Butter Chicken Momos and we couldn’t hold ourselves back from trying this out! Momos dipped in chicken gravy and served with small chicken pieces - it tastes as delightful as it sounds *no kidding*. Tbh, out tummy growled out loud at the very sight of this dish.  

Price | Rs 100

2. Shahenshah Burger

Humongous - that’s just the word that popped in our head as soon as we saw this burger! This burger has 3 layers where the bottom layer is of chicken seekh kebab which is prepared in masala batter, the middle layer has chicken salami cooked in tandoori sauces with veggies and the top layer is of butter chicken that is garnished with flakes and more veggies - wipe away that drool guys! 

They also have a 90 second challenge where if you finish up this burger in 90 seconds then you’ll get it for free *WOAH*.

Price | Rs 150

3. Chocolate Gol Gappay 

Yeah, we aren’t kidding, these guys are actually serving gol gappay loaded with chocolate sauce! We couldn’t wait to try this one and trust us peeps, these guys don’t dissapoint. They serve these Chocolate Gol Gappay with shots of brownie shakes - how cool is that?! You can also taste vanilla ice cream with chocolate and strawberry syrups inside the gol gappay.
Gol gappay goals? Definitely! 

Price | Rs 100

4. Kurkure Kebab

If you like your food spicy and hot then you’re gonna love the Kurkure Kebabs her! Crispy chicken kebabs served with momos’ chutney and mayonnaise - doesn't this sound heavenly to you? It sure does! The whole dish resembles chicken nuggets but is definitely different and better in taste. If kurkure was your first love then you should eat these kebabs, for sure!

Price | Rs 100

5. Pizza Nachos

Did you know that this place is serving something called Pizza Nachos?! Well, we’ll take the honor of introducing you to this super cheesy and crunchy dish. The crazy, quirky dish is actually crunchy nachos topped with loads of cheese, Italian seasoning & veggies cooked in pasta sauce and we’re defo in love with it! 

Price | Rs 100

So if your bhukkad self is craving to try all these dishes out then go right away ‘cause this place will actually amaze you with their twist-y, hatke dishes! 

Location | Social Foodie Inside - GG II, 71-A, Vikaspuri, New Delhi