Had enough of fancy cafes and exotic cuisines? Well, we feel ya buddy and that's why giving our usual cafes and restros a break, we headed to the De Paris Bakers in West Shalimar Bagh. Tucked in BP market, this one looks like a normal bakery shop but as they say, don't judge a book by it's cover and this bakery too will blow your mind away with it's amazing menu!

‎Famous amongst the regulars for it's yummilicious food, De Paris Bakers serves fusion food with all the desi flavours! This place is a perfect if you're looking for a place with scrumptious food without burning a hole in your wallet. Check out the 5 dishes we tried here and why you need to head to this place right away! 

1. Pizza Burger

These guys have something called Pizza Burger on their menu and we HAD to try it out and trust us peeps, it was the best decision! This Pizza Burger here was something you cannot miss out on. You'd feel a burst of flavours on your taste buds from the very first bite. Perfectly toasted organic buns, loads of cheese and fresh veggies like capsicum, onions and tomatoes - the Pizza Burger is a cheesyliscious delight!

Price | Rs 60

2. Pizza Kulcha

2 perfectly grilled kulchas stuffed generously with crunchy capsicum, onions and tomatoes and drizzled with flavourful homemade sauces and layer of cheese, the Pizza Kulcha here was all this and more! We were a little apprehensive about ordering this one but it was a toothsome surprise. Fresh and perfectly seasoned, this dish took our love for pizza to new heights!\

Price | Rs 80

3. Stuffed Tandoori Pasta Patty

These guys specializes in patties and have an insane variety of them on their menu. From Peri Peri Patty to Tandoori Pasta patty, they have it all and they're as delicious as they sound! We tried their Stuffed Tandoori Pasta Patty and it was a perfect combination of scrummy pasta, sauces and crispy patty. The tandoori pasta is spicy and goes amazingly with the crispiness of the patty. This dish comes loaded with sauces on the top which just adds to the flavour! All in all, this patty was filling and absolutely yummy.

Price | Rs 60

4. Chili Paneer Burger

After gorging on some really amazing dishes, this one was a bit of a let down! The potato patty in the buns were completely overpowered by the flavour of chili paneer, losing its flavour all together. The filling were also very oily that pretty much ruined the whole dish for us. Our take - give this one a miss, for sure!

Price | Rs 60

5. Nachos Sandwiches

Lifting our spirits again was the Nachos Sandwich here that was too good to be true! You can perfectly make out the taste of nachos in between the crispy, grilled bread and the sauces used to make this one. The presentation of this one may make it look a little unappetizing but believe us, these sandwiches are perfect for those long after class hunger pangs! 

Price | Rs 70

All in all, De Paris Bakers is a good option when you have a low budget and want to eat a tummy-filling and mouth-watering food! So go ahead and check out this place and tell us how you like it!

Where | De Paris Bakers - BP Market, Block BP, Shalimar Bagh
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/De-Paris-Baker-179155866007066