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Pick up Customized Phone Covers, Laptop Sleeves & Tons More @ Uptown18

In the era of online shopping, Uptown18 is another name added to the list! They’re a trendy brand with a great collection of customised products to shop from.

They have one aim and that is to make available every custom, on-demand product in the world, available on Uptown18! They have products by Indian and international brands, plus various freelance artists too. 

What's in Store | Phone covers, laptop sleeves, t-shirts, mini pouches, tote bags, mount frames, cushions, mugs and a whole bunch of other things! Their collection is seriously fab. Do check out their laptop sleeves, they’ve got quirky designs like a contouring Kim Kardashian face, quotes and a variety of prints!

Their laptop sleeves are for Rs 719.

They strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and we must say, they’re doing a fabulous job at it!

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