Period Blues? Pamper Yourselves Ladies With This Premium Sanitary Pad Subscription!

Keeping yourself together during that time of the month is no cakewalk. Cramps, mood swings and bloating is enough to drive anyone to the edge of agony. Having to run to the pharmacy every month for your period supplies doesn’t help the situation. Well, fear not! We have found just the solution for you.

What's So Special? | Every Elize napkin comes with a ziplock for easy and clean disposal of your soiled napkin. They have a cotton top sheet that's irritation-free, Bamboo charcoal anion strip to kill odour & reduce stress and offer maximum protection with a double-winged fan shape.

Elize delivers a pack of 30 sanitary pads to your doorstep every 3 months. You can get the membership for 3 months, 6 months or even an entire year. We recommend going for the yearly membership which delivers the pads quarterly for the best deal and somewhat less stressful periods for an year! If you’re hesitant to make that investment, you can also go for a trial pack of 8 pads for just Rs 399. 

So say no to period woes, hold your head high and face those periods like the warrior you are.

Price | Rs 1,299 For 3 Months, Rs 2,499 For 6 Months & Rs 4,799 For 12 Months
Get It Here | https://elize.club/