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Perched On Top Of Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, Take A Break @ Central Park In CP

Picture Credits: Newsmobile

Do you ever feel the need to break away from your monotonous schedule? Want to visit a place which is serene & peaceful? A place which is a far cry from the multiplexes and shopping complexes? If all the answers are a yes then head straight to the Central Park in Delhi! Before you go jumping to any conclusions, this park is not just any neighbourhood park, but a place which lies in the most central location of Delhi, above the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station where you can catch a glimpse of the entire Connaught Place! 

Beautiful In Every Sense

The soft lighting in the evening and the flowing water surrounded by lush greenery surely relieves stress as you enter this place. The water bodies, 21 different fountains and the huge exotic gardens marked with beautiful trees, shrubs & flowers makes it look even more attractive and increases the charm of this park. People lying down on the grass taking short naps, families chit-chatting whilst the kids run amok, while some others exercising and doing the rounds of the park is a common sight found here.

Flag Hoisting

An iconic day in Delhi, on the 7th of March, 2014 the capital city hoisted India’s largest flag at 207 feet here which was installed by the Flag Foundation of India. Standing tall and towering over all, one cannot help but feel immense pride and patriotism with people flocking day in and day out to get a glimpse of the waving flag here. 

A Hub For Various Activities

There is also an open amphitheatre in the middle of the park which can accommodate an audience of 350 people and is the hub for a lot of youth-centric and cultural events, music & dance performances. When the cultural events are not taking place, you can see various people going on-stage trying to get their share of attention. Another feature of this park is its location, as it’s surrounded by the best eating joints and also lies adjacent to the famous Palika Bazaar, known for its affordable underground shopping area. 

The Transformation

Once upon a time, before the park was renovated, the place was known for being visited by people carrying out dodgy activities and overall was not much of a family-oriented place, let alone a place to admire. With the coming of the metro, all this changed and now it’s almost unrecognizable as compared to its original state. This park is the new cultural spot in Delhi and attracts a lot of youngsters, young professionals & shopaholics to lounge about and rest their tired feet. 

Also, do note that the security measures are considerably tight especially around various festivities such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and other such events when there are large crowds of people, and this is owing to the 2008 terrorist attacks. The entry to the park is free at all times and the park itself is easily accessible as some gates of this park meet the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station and separate gates are made to enter & exit the park.

When you need a break in the middle of your crazy shopping spree in CP, this is where you can park yourself at!