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People In Homeless Shelters Will Now Be Given Hot Chai & Rusks To Ward Off The Chill

Delhiites, it’s the season to give back to the society we are all a part of, and here we have this amazing deed that the Delhi Government is doing which includes giving tea and rusk to  homeless people living in night shelters in the city. Nice! 

A Good Deed Indeed | The Delhi Govt. just announced their winter action plan in which they’ve decided to provide hot tea and rusk every morning to the homeless living in shelters in an effort to help them ward off the winter chill! This scheme started on the 16th of December and will go on till the 31st of January, 2018. And this ain’t all, a team of 4 doctors too will be deployed twice a week to visit the night shelters. 

Mohalla clinics have also been told to cater to the night shelters in their vicinity. The visits will be done between 7 and 11 PM in the evenings, as this is the time when people in need are most likely to be found in shelters.

At present, 83 shelters have been equipped with geysers and furnished well by the Delhi Govt. Such a good move!  

Sourced Via The Times Of India