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Pedal Away to a Happier You | These Are The Top 10 Cycling Clubs in Delhi

It is a miracle that even with so much congestion on the roads, cycling in Delhi has been flourishing! There are a number of clubs that enthusiasts can join, and most of them just require a Facebook friend request, some good intentions and a cycle. Here's a list of the top 10 - join in the fun!

1. Delhi Cycling Club

One of the largest cycling clubs in Delhi, their stated goal is to promote the cycling culture in Delhi. They organize multiple rides from different parts of the city to nearby areas. The club tries to organize at least one marquee event every month with other smaller weekend rides thrown in between. This is one of the most active cycling clubs in Delhi and open to riders of all skill levels.

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2. Gurgaon Fun Riders

This is a group that is ideal for beginners to intermediate level riders. They love the first rays of the sun and love to eat Gurgaon roads with their bikes (bicycles that is!). There is no payment necessary for joining or for regular rides organized around town, however the more extensive out of station rides often require participation fees.

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3. Cyclo Fit

This club, according to its Facebook page, is geared towards the non-competitive riders looking to get back to some weekend riding. The club posts the venue and time for its latest rides along with expected distance to be covered on its Facebook page and members can join in through that. This group is suitable for beginners as well as proficient cyclers as they have different rides for all levels. 

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4. Delhi Randonneurs

This club is strictly for the uber-motivated riders out there. This group trains hard for long distance rides (up to 600 kms) and covers terrain that requires an advanced level of skill. Make sure you have high quality near professional gear to embark on these journeys. This one's for the adrenaline junkies!

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5. Pedal Yatri

Another group located out of Gurgaon, having close to 3000 members, the group is again geared towards all levels of bike riders and offers activities and excursions based on different skill levels. The group likes their member numbers to be kept at a manageable level and harbors a close knit community.

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6. Cyclesutra

This cycling group is home to more 4000 members from all walks of life. The usual meeting spot is close to Max Hospital at Sector 19 Gurgaon from where the rides begin and are usually around 40 - 60 km-long. They assign themes to their rides, with some going through the renowned eateries in Old Delhi and others racing through the expressways.

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7. Noida Cycling Club

This is a club that has been around for the last four years and has gained popularity fast. It is focused towards beginners and intermediate riders, and hence short rides with some scenic views are the order of the day. The club prides itself on having members that are friendly and social, making the atmosphere inviting to newcomers.

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8. South West Riders

One of the newer clubs based out of Dwarka, the club is very enthusiastic about building around a core group of riders and exploring the sights and sounds around Delhi. Almost all the members are recreational cyclists and the rides are planned in such a way that they are accessible to almost everybody. Check them out!

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9. SpinLife India

Another group that is based out of Gurgaon, it utilizes its proximity to the open roads and a generation of youngsters looking for entertainment beyond the mall culture extremely well. Rides are usually undertaken on the weekends. The details of these rides are posted regularly on their Facebook page.This club welcomes riders of all skill levels.

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10. V4A Cycling Club

This is a cycling club based out of South Delhi with a vibrant background of cyclists such as CEOs, senior government officers, professional cyclists and fitness trainers. They organize rides every Sunday morning to Delhi NCR and the core team of V4a Cycling Club regularly go out for evening rides as well. Join in!

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