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Paytm Has Officially Taken to The Streets - Street Vendors Are Now Equipped With Digital Wallets

Picture Credits: Hindustan Times

Paytm is now revolutionizing payment platforms across the board - it's now trying to expand the digital wallets market to street vendors and even autowallahs (so cool!). As reported by Hindustan Times, a small paan shop in Noida (Pappu Shah's paan shop) is now offering the option of paying via the Paytm wallet to get rid of all the loose change everybody keeps hounding him for (lol).

Pappu Shah is just one of nearly 10,000 such vendors who have now adopted this system. In Gurgaon too, you'll find many autos who accept transactions through the Paytm wallet and it's truly awesome!

You would specially notice autos by Ola and Jugnoo offering this option. It's finally time when even technologically-backward people are ready to move to a new, exciting digital world.

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