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Pay According To The Weight Of Your Loaded Waffle At The *WAFFLE FESTIVAL* @ The Little Cafe In Rohini

This quaint lil place tucked away in a cozy corner is decorated so charmingly that you’ll feel welcome even before you step in. Besides, there’s something about The Little Cafe that keeps tugging at our foodie spirit and here they are, coming up with irresistible offers that make us go weak in the knees!

Listen Up | So these guys are hosting a *WAFFLE FESTIVAL* starting April 7th and you can sure as hell NOT miss it! You get to choose from over 30 toppings *drools* and load ‘em all up onto your waffle as per you liking. And what’s even better, you pay equal to the weight of that loaded, gorgeous waffle on your plate! How cool is that?!

We can’t wait to get loaded with all the goodness & tonnes of tasty waffle variations. Catch y’all over some waffles?

When | 8th - 21st April 
Where To Head To | Ground Floor, PVR Funcity Mall, Prashant Vihar, Rohini