Picture Credits: Tibetan Legal Association

Say cheerio to the tiresome waiting in queues for passport verification, as the process can now be completed in just 2 days! *Woah, whaa!*

Passport Verification In 2 Days! | No more gruelling police verifications and endless waiting for our passports to finally reach us. Now, the Gurgaon police will conduct an on-the-spot verification using tablets and upload the report on Union External Affairs Ministry’s ‘mPassport Police App’. So basically, not only is the process becoming less time-consuming, but also paperless! Awesome! 

Previously, the Passport Seva Kendra would email the application of a resident to the police headquarters, which, once cleared, would be sent to the police station concerned. The cops would then visit the applicant’s house for document verification and take signatures of 2 neighbours as well. 

This 10 to 15-long-day process is being reduced to 2 days now! The application of the resident will now directly reach the concerned police station and the cops will conduct a paperless verification of documents, that is, ID and PAN card. Perfect!

This will make the entire process easy-peasy! Good going, GGN police!

Sourced Via The Times Of India