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Our Story Bistro's Got Handmade Paintings, Swing Sets & Lots of Chicken Wings - Drop By!

One of Sector 18's prettiest cafes, Our Story Bistro has cute handmade paintings, swings, a funky chalk wall and a charming book corner that makes it stand out from the rest of the eateries around.

Their menu does not have too many innovative dishes to talk of, but they're able to master the classic ones quite well. So don't order anything offbeat, but stick to the regular Fish n Chips or Chicken Wings and you'll return with a happy belly! A meal for two would cost approximately Rs 1,200.

There is a dearth of charming cafes in Noida, but Our Story Bistro makes up for what the area's lacking. 

Drive Down To | G-38, Sector 18, Noida