Soothing white decor with pretty fairy lights and big windows - the newly revamped version of our fave hangout place, Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen is all this and more, check it out! 

Sink-In Sofas + Great Mexican Food = Happy Us | Our one-stop-destination for all things Mexican, Rodeo Cantina & Kitchen just got a facelift and we were left awestruck by the beauty of this place! With Mexican inspired interiors, booth seats, board game tables, hand drawn murals and pretty graffiti work, this place is perfect for a chiller evening with your squad and even a dinner with your fam.

Once you’re done admiring the pretty set up, order up their Mexican specialties - the Braised Duck Tostadas, the Chicken al Pastor Tacos & the Lentils & Avocado Quesadillas, they’re absolutely delicious! 

So, head over and beat the heat with their yummy Guava Berry Margarita and thank us later. 

Meal For Two | Rs 1,800
Where | A-12, Inner Circle, CP
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