While we love the hustle-bustle in our all time fave Chandni Chowk area, we’re also pretty annoyed with all those honking cars and literally zero walking space! But looks like that problem is gonna be solved pretty soon now - read on! 

What’s Going On? | Delhi Government is in full swing once again and their public works department is soon going to make walking hella easier on Chandni Chowk’s crowded roads! The department has decided to carry out resurfacing of roads and improve footpaths, from the Lal Jain Mandir to the Fatehpuri Mosque stretch. Now THAT is defo something to look forward to! 

A budget of around Rs 2 crore has been set aside for this project, so we’re guessing some major revamp is in line! 

So plan your Chandni Chowk trips soon all ya Dilliwallas!

Sourced Via The Times Of India