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Order In And Get A Frothy Milkshake FREE From Dogs On Wheels, Your 4 AM BFF!

Bhukh - it waits for no man and can hit you anywhere, anytime! We don’t mind the hunger pangs, but we definitely mind the hole they drill in our pockets! We mean, ordering food in every other night can definitely make you lose several bucks, but hey, Dogs On Wheels has a really special offer for y’all, which’ll defo make you feel better!   

Free Milkshake Anyone? | Dogs On Wheels has been a saviour for all our post midnight munchies! They’ve been serving their ah-mazingly delicious BBQ Chicken Hot Dog, Cheese Burger and all the other yummy dishes from their menu to us till the wee hours of the morning and we’re forever thankful to these guys. And being the considerate sweethearts that they are, they have decided to give a FREE milkshake with every order above Rs 500 *woohoo*! 

So just order you fave hot dog or burger and these guys will hand you their yummy milkshake absolutely free! Already making a mental list of things you’re gonna order tonight?!    

Timings | 6 PM - 4 AM
Meal For Two | Rs 650
Offer Valid Till | 7th December 
Call Them To Order | +91 9899 390 377 & +91 9899 390 766
Check Out Their FB Page |