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OOTD Dilemma? Download Style Dot Me To Get Instant Fashion Advice From Experts And Friends

It's always better to get tips from fashion experts or your friends when you're out on a solo shopping spree or are deciding your outfit of the day, right? If you often find yourself in a quandary about your sartorial choices then then Style Dot Me is here to rescue you!

A helping hand for an SOS moment | They've got features like an instant poll that lets your friends vote for an option you've picked out and a live timer that serves as a reminder about your deadline.The key feature, however, that Style Dot Me boats off  is their panel of bloggers and stylists who can come to your rescue in time of dire fashion crisis. 

It's also a great platform to follow bloggers, know what's trending and to share your own styles.

Eliminate the ambiguity and go join the community!

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