One Of The Oldest Standing Churches In Delhi, The Central Baptist Church Lies In Chandni Chowk

Delhi Dweller 10 Apr 2020

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Delhi itself is a treasure trove of different kinds of historical tales and places which remain untouched and intact (well, almost) even today. Some of the city’s secrets have not been explored even after a century of its official inception in the year 1911. Purani Dilli (Old Delhi) houses some of these unperturbed places which are of tremendous historical importance - and one such is The Central Baptist Church!

Finding Peace In Pandemonium

Picture Credits: Narender Partap

A quiet church, tucked in the maddening hustle bustle of Chandni Chowk stands on the main road with a peaceful disposition observing the vigorous activities taking place in its vicinity. The church is known as the Central Baptist Church, which exhibits an example of the European style of architecture. Legend has it that the Baptist Missionary Society of London purchased some land near The Red Fort with the intention of building a church to propagate Christianity. 

Consequently, The Central Baptist Church was established in the year 1814 which makes this church one of the oldest churches of Delhi and many historians even claim that it’s the oldest Christian Mission in the whole of North India.The well-preserved intricate carvings and the thick round pillars of the pristine white Church definitely speaks volumes about the rich European structural planning style. 

Inside The Church

Picture Credits: Aashish Lall

The walls of the church has some tablets which are engraved with the names of those people who have been faithful and devoted to Church service throughout their lives. The roof of the Church has been refurbished, as with time, it was becoming exceedingly dilapidated. Though many small houses have sprouted up around the church, the Church’s beauty remains unmarred. 

It also houses a popular Primary School on its premises. Frequent celebrations and suppers are held and most of the devotees throng to the Church to take part in its Annual and Christmas Day Celebrations which are considered to be very popular.  

It’s actually amazing to see how the Church, located in such a crowded and noisy area, succeeds in offering absolute peace and salvation to people who are in need of it. It exudes a sense of tranquility and the feeling of amalgamation with God, and it’s heartening to see the Church located in the vicinity of Gurudwara Sisganj, Gauri-Shankar Temple and a small mosque, boasting of the secular nature and the prevailing brotherhood between all the religions in Delhi. 

Good-To-Have Info

Picture Credits: Jeremy Hylton

The Church can be easily accessed by a car, taxi, bus or metro rail. The nearest metro station is Chandni Chowk, from where the distance till the Church can be covered by either walking or taking a rickshaw. Walking is recommended, as you’ll get to savour the real flavour of Old Delhi! Plan a trip once it is safe to do so and make sure you follow the government’s advisory and only tread out when it is allowed.

Central Baptist Church grants you the opportunity of being one with the almighty, which is an experience you certainly shouldn’t miss out on!

Where | The Central Baptist Church - No.1860, Chandni Chowk Road
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