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One of Our Fav Joints in CP, Junkyard Cafe is Now Open in Rajouri - Come on Over

The intriguing eatery bedecked with old tyres, horns and all kinds of scrap, The Junkyard Cafe, has recently opened up in Rajouri Garden too!

Their crispy Fish Orley, Chilli Chicken and crispy Onion Rings always make us gain a few kilos but it's worth every bite! Their Graveyard Cocktails and Pop Up Shots also demand to be tried.

We're so glad one of our favourite cafes in CP has now popped up in the other half of the city too. So next time you're in Rajouri, just stroll into the Junkyard for a yummy, substantial meal.

A meal for two here would cost you approximately Rs 2,000.

Drive Down To | J 2/12, BK Dutt Market, Rajouri Garden