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One of Delhi's Oldest Circulating Libraries Now Goes Online | Try BookMeABook

Gone are the days where people used to drop by dusty, old libraries to rent books on a regular basis. For all you bookworms who finish novels in the blink of an eye, buying them would definitely burn a big fat hole in your pockets. We feel for you! Here’s where BookMeABook comes in!

BookMeABook by Ram Gopal Sharma and Son is probably one of the oldest circulating libraries in town. Established more than 50 years ago with the vision of providing not just a book shop, but through its circulating section, easy reading for book lovers who wanted to borrow rather than buy. 

Having catered to at least three generations of Delhi's book reading public from its premises at 44, Shankar Market, the shop now enters a new phase of providing easy book reading to all of Delhi. 

How It Works | You can browse through their gigantic catalogue thoroughly and pick a novel that’ll be delivered to you, and here comes the best part - there’s no due date hence no fines! You can read at your own pace and schedule a pick up at your convenience. Easy Peasy! 

So go ahead and become a member, and you can choose from over 20,000 titles! 

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