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One Last Breadpakora? UGC Makes A Sweeping Move To Ban Junk Food Across All Colleges

That piece of breadpakora you're about to eat right about now? That could be your last in college! The University Grants Commission has asked all higher education institutions to ban the sale of junk food on their campuses. 

The aim here is to sensitise students against the consumption of junk food and enlighten them about the ill-effects of eating unhealthy food. Banning junk food will hopefully set the standard for eating healthy, and make students live better and reduce the rates of obesity too! In the long run, it will help prevent the various nefarious lifestyle diseases related to being overweight.

Along with this, the students will also be told about important markers like body mass index / percentage of body weight and waist-hip ratio. Via this measure, the students will become more aware statistically about their own bodies and health.

Let’s hope this does well and people fight the war against obesity! 

Sourced via Hindustan Times