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On Your Way To Agra? Grab A Cup Of Mocha From This New Starbucks On The Expressway!

Planning a road trip to Agra? Or are you just someone who has to drive to Greater Noida everyday via the Yamuna Expressway for work? Then we’ve got some awesome news for you. Making your morning blues better, there’s an all new Starbucks that’s popped up here and it’s like a knight in shining armour for us caffeine-heads! 

Caffeine-Soaked Cuppas | It’s handily open from 7 AM - 10 PM, making it just perfect for your morning fix as well as for the ride back home at night; this Starbucks is most definitely a saviour for us! Sip away on some delicious Hazelnut Cocoa Praline or maybe some sinful Vanilla Nougat *already mentally making our orders!*.

Head on over and check it out for yourselves guys! 

Where | Starbucks - Taste Express, LHS Yamuna Expressway, Noida To Agra
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