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On This World Water Day, Do Your Bit By Taking Part In A Marathon By Walk For Water!

Water is the most important thing in the world and it’s really important to preserve the same especially due to the increasing scarcity of it! Thus on this World Water Day, Walk for Water has organised a marathon walk to spread awareness of the importance of water! 

Without water we would literally die, our everyday functioning depends on water to a major extent, thus be a part of this drive and do your bit because ‘boond boond se sagar bharta hai’ right? Join in on the walk on March 22nd and help spread awareness about the importance of water and it’s scarcity problem!

Walk for Water is a group of people with a core aim to provide clean and safe water access to everyone and anyone. Up till now they’e saved 1,233 million litres of water and they’re aiming at saving even more in the near future! Be a part of this drive now!

When | Wednesday, 22nd March
Where | India Gate 
For Further Details Contact | +91 9967 618 007
Register Online On |