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*OMG YASS* Ditch Your Car-O-Bar Plans & Head To This Bar Selling Daaru @ MRP!

Drinks At Stake just became ‘Drinks At MRP’ and it’s got some deal even better than before! Time to ditch the car-o-bar and rather drink at MRP at this bar! 

This is the first ever bar in West Delhi that’s serving beer and other hard liquor at actual MRP rates and we’re so excited to go spend our Saturday night here! YAY! They’re serving drinks at wine shop prices and that’s the best bit about this. 

From beer to whiskey, vodka, wine and a lot more, everything will be served here and there will be no extra charge on it like at other bars! 

While you’re drinking the night away, get your hands on some yummy delicacies too like classic chakna food, Peanut Masala, Peri Peri Potato Wedges, Nachos, Cheese Garlic Bread and so much more. Not only chakhna style food, they’ve also got other yummy munchies like momos, chaat, tikkas, kebabs, pastas, pizza and biryani! YUM!

So head on over and gorge on some yummy food while drinking the night away at MRP rates! 

Meal For Two | Rs 1,200
Where | Drinks At Stake - NWA-26, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh
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