Picture Credits: dilsebhukkad

Now that summer’s pretty much here to stay, we’re looking for some cold, thick shakes to beat this unbearable heat. And the lovely people at Chaayos have brought us just that!

Motichoor Shake, Anyone? | Our saviours, Chaayos has got us these awesome shakes to keep cool this summer. So how about a Motichoor Shake during those hot and sweaty days? Surprised? We were too! But trust us, after you take one gulp of this FAB Motichoor Shake, you will SO not feel like going back to your regular motichoor ladoos! 

Cakes are just so regular. But a cake shake? Now that’s interesting! This yummy scrummy cake shake at Chaayos will get you licking your lips. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself! And now the cherry on the cake. Forget your usual kulfi and go for this super awesome Kulfi Shake instead!

Seriously, head to your nearest Chaayos and slurp away!

Price | Rs 185 Onwards
Where | Nehru Place, CP, GK II & Other Outlets
TImings | 8 AM - 1 AM 
Call Them | 1800 1202 424
Scroll Through Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/Chaayos/
Order Online Here | https://www.chaayos.com/menu