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Smoke House Deli Launches A Fab New Waffle Menu With *Drumroll* A Banoffee Waffle!

Smoke House Deli, our go to when it comes to good food and even better ambience, has recently introduced waffles to their menu and we just can’t keep calm AT ALL! 

Whether it’s a craving for an utterly satisfying breakfast or something sweet, freshly made waffles are the answer for everything! Consistently delicious in both its savoury and sweet avatars, waffles make for pure indulgence of the best kind. Drown them in chocolate syrup or top them with fruit or just dig into the classic belgian waffles and maple syrup combo, waffles are a win win always! 

For the first time, Smoke House (only their Khan Market outlet) has introduced waffles to their menu, and they’ve got three flavours that we’re super enthu to try out. There’s a crowd fave classic Just Waffle, which is a belgian waffle topped with maple syrup; next up they have a fruit waffle with freshly cut fruit and blueberry syrup *YUMM* that top a delicious and crispy waffle! 

But the one that we’re most excited to try is their Banoffee Waffle that’s topped with toffee and banana and served with chocolate syrup and ice cream! WOAH! Now that’s something that we just can’t wait to try out!! 

They’ve only introduced this in their Khan Market outlet as of now, so go ahead and give them a try there! 

Where | Smoke House Deli - Khan Market 
Price | Rs 150 Onwards
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/smokehousedeli