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OMG! Saddi Dilli's Very Own Indira Gandhi International Airport Ranked 2nd Best In The WORLD!

Saddi Dilli’s very own Indira Gandhi International Airport just got ranked as the 2nd best in the world guys and we're super proud!

According to the Airport Service Quality report that was prepared in 2016, the best airport rank went to Incheon in South Korea and the 2nd best was IGI Airport in Delhi! Last year IGI was moved to the category which included all airports that host over 40 million passengers per annum! Now this is huge news!

Being the national capital's airport, the expectations and aspirations of passengers are quite high, thus full efforts are being put in achieving the goals and reaching the expectations of the commuters. 

The IGI Airport is no doubt a work of art, with the simple yet beautiful interiors and the mudras as a part of the decor that you’re greeted with right at the entrance, we ain’t amazed that it’s the 2nd best in the world. 

Time to aspire towards being the best now! 

Sourced Via India Times