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OMG!! Could it Be True? Coldplay May Just be Coming to Delhi or Mumbai to Perform Live This November!

For all those who felt the FOMO with Facebook timelines being flooded with Coldplay's concert in London, we may have good news for you!

Crazy Coldplay fans, it's time to do your happy dance as your childhood dream may be coming true! According to Mumbai Mirror, Coldplay may be performing in India in November either in Delhi or Mumbai.  

Fulfilling Your Head Full Of Dreams | This visit would be related to Chris Martin's global poverty charity, and although they haven't narrowed down on the venue, it's set to take place on the 19th of November. We're already getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Rooting For The Old Classics | Their tour would be of their latest album, A Head Full of Dreams, but we don't think any Coldplay concert is ever truly complete without their classics.

So yes, your prayers have been answered and Coldplay is coming to 'Fix You'! 

Tipped By | Mumbai Mirror