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OMG! Cars & Buses Will Be Banned In CP For 3 Months Starting February

Starting February, cars and buses will not be allowed inside Connaught Place! WHAT? Yes, it’s true guys! As a part of the pilot Smart City project aiming towards reducing pollution and congestion in the area, this step has been taken. 

This project will prohibit traffic inside the inner and middle circle of CP. It’s the inner and middle circle which is inhabited by commercial buildings the most. A ‘Park and Ride’ service will be available on cycles and battery operated vehicles from nearby parking areas like Shivaji Stadium, Baba Kharak Singh Marg and Palika Parking! The total parking strength here is of 3,172 cars. 

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This three month program will see the effect it has on traffic, management of reclaimed parking lots, and record the experience of the pedestrians and shop owners.

Lets see how this pans out! 

Sourced Via NDTV