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Old & Battered? Nope! Sparkling & Bustling - Check Out The All-New Haveli Dharampura

Old and battered, we’re sure none of you can recognise the revamped version of Dharampura Haveli in Chandni Chowk. We were quite taken aback by the gorgeous site too.

This architectural marvel will soon be opening its doors to the public as a cultural centre that’ll be home to myriad art exhibitions.This space will also include a trendy fashion boutique, adequate accommodations for tourists along with two new restaurants!

Not one to stop there, they’ll also showcase Chandni Chowk’s traditional sports - Kite-flying and Kabootarbazi.

This new haveli has many old historic secrets to share and if that doesn’t float your boat then just for the sheer beauty of it how about you pay it a visit!

Source | Indian Express