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Ola's Spreading Its Wings | Conveniently Book Autos & Zip Around Noida & GGN

Last mile connectivity issues and auto wallahs overcharging has now become a regular headache, so Ola has planned to step up and take some control in Gurgaon and Noida. 

It was a painful fact that although there are over 12,000 autos operating in the Gautam Budh area, none of them adhere to the meter and charge whatever they feel like. So Ola has roped in 3,000 autos and plans to fix a base charge plus a few additional charges per km so that you guys are not cheated. Good!

Plan of Action | They plan on charging a base fare of Rs 25 and in addition to that, commuters will be charged 5 bucks per km and Re 1 per minute of total ride time. So suppose you have a 2 km ride and it's taking 10 minutes, your fare would come up to Rs 45, which is pretty decent, considering.

You can hire these autos at night as well, but night charges from 11 PM to 5 AM would be applicable and the fare will be multiplied by Rs 1.25. 

So all you Gurgaon and Noida peeps can now happily hire autos via Ola's app!

As seen on Times of India