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Ola Goes Lux! Mercedes, Audis & Jaguars All Up For Booking - Just a Click Away

Are you accustomed to cruising around town in your sedans? When that dreadful (Odd-Even, that is) scheme comes back and you've got to sacrifice your car and take the cab, you no longer will have to settle for a humdrum hatchback, as Ola's just launched their luxury category 'Ola Lux' in the capital.

High-end sedans that'll be available | Ola Lux will be happy to offer luxury sedans and SUVs starting from Toyota, Jaguar, Mercedes to Audi & Fortuner, amongst others and the base fare charge will be Rs 200 followed by Rs 19 per km and Rs 2 per minute.

Top notch features | As of now, Ola Lux will only be available in select areas around town and would be offering features like auto-connect WiFi facility, an SOS button, live tracking and smooth payment via Ola Money.

Auto connect wifi | Ola's 4G WiFi comes with some awesome perks whereby subsequents rides through Ola would not require you to login your credentials  and passwords over and over again - thank God!

If you've always maintained that travelling via cabs was beneath you, Ola Lux is here to bust your myths! Hop on.

Information as seen on The Hindu Business Line