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Ok This is Pretty Cool! Lenskart is Now Offering Free Eye Check-ups to Ola Cabbies 'Cause Safety First

In a bid to promote road safety, Lenskart has partnered with taxi hailing app - Ola, and is providing free eye check ups to over 10,000 cabbies. 

This session will be followed by vision check cards being handed out to the drivers and they'll have access to spectacles at discounted prices as well, so they don't hesitate in buying a pair. It's crucial that taxi drivers have sharp, clear vision for their own safety as well as that of their riders.

Lenskart really has gone out of its way to promote road safety and regular eye-check ups, and we're glad to know that over 3,000 drivers have already undertaken the test. Good going Lenskart!

Sourced via The Economic Times