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Ok This is Kind of a Bummer! Delhi Metro Fares to Go Up by Around 100% (Yes, Really)

Over the years, Delhi Metro has become the backbone of our city, but the high levels of ridership are majorly because of the economical fares that it has to offer. Now after 2009, the DMRC panel has devised a new plan of hiking fares and it's not sounding good *shaking our heads*!

A monumental hike | The DMRC is planning to raise the fares by more than 100%, so the minimum fare which is currently Rs 8 would go up to Rs 15 and the maximum rate that's capped at 30 bucks, will now rise to Rs. 70!

Why this colossal hike? Supposedly, the rates are skyrocketing to meet the rising expenditure for buying electricity and on account of its growing employee force.

Although the metro has revolutionized the transportation system in the capital, we don't like the direction the Metro's headed in this time!

Sourced via OneIndia