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Ok This is Brilliant - Delhi University to Have Its Very Own Journalism School!

Delhi University is a dream for pretty much all students in India, and journalism recently has been a course that a lot of people are looking at. Without any specific journalism colleges in DU, people were looking at private universities for this stream. But it seems like DU’s heard our prayers, and they’re planning on establishing a school for 'Journalism and Mass Communication' specifically!

Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi just announced that this school for journalism and mass communication will commence from the next academic session itself. The school will start with the launch of a 5-year session commencing from the 2017-18 academic session. Nice!

The new school will have a faculty that will be responsible for all journalism and communication courses. Talks are still on regarding the campus, and if the school would be functioning individually or via a renowned, already-established campus. For now, the school will start functioning from Faculty of Arts in North Campus! 

The entrance procedure will also be decided soon, so stay tuned for the full deets!

Sourced via The Times of India