Picture Credits: Ravi Kanojia

Cycling in Delhi has never been a safe or feasible option but what if there's a separate, elevated cycle track? This may have not crossed your minds, but PWD minister Satyendra Jain has been contemplating just this!

These elevated cycle tracks will be at par with the Delhi Metro corridors and would serve as a great alternative for last mile connectivity. It's going to be a 10 - 12 km long and 20 feet wide track. 

This track will also have a roof with solar panels to protect riders from the sun and rains. They also want to attract more tourists and will install stations to enable them to enjoy the views! 

If the pollution is curbed and the scorching heat does not beat down on us, then this could be a huge success and people would actually adopt cycles as a mode of transport!

Tipped By | The Indian Express