Office Canteen Bar is one of the latest co-working cafes that have popped up in Delhi, continuing the culture of co-working & meeting up at a café, uplifting it to the next level with its three massive floors of seating and innovative ornamentation. Comprehensively, a stunning ambience, mouth-watering food, a unique blend of alcohol and piles of memories and fun is what one can expect here!

Here’s what you should definitely try when here!

Chinatown Fish Fillets | To all the fish lovers in the house, this is the dish for you! Large chunks of fish tossed in corn flour are deep fried before stirring in spicy red sauce. It’s difficult to maintain the tender nature of fish while frying, which somehow is facile for the chef here. The fish is cooked well, which can be vouched for by the fact that every piece absorbs the sauce and the spiciness lingers on!

Sound delicious? Come get ‘em right here at Office Canteen Bar in CP!

Price | Rs 405
Location | P-21/90,1st & 2nd Floor, Outer Circle, CP