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Offering Limitless, Gorgeous Views & The Leh Escapade You've Been Dreaming of, Here's Nimmu House!

An escapade to Leh has been on all of our checklists lately, and you've got to agree that nobody has ever been able to resist Ladakh's rapturous beauty! If you're still dreaming of Ladakh, let's make your reverie a pretty one by telling you all about Nimmu House.

Nimmu House, a heritage boutique hotel just 30 kms from Leh is a gorgeous property offering high-end services and limitless beauty! To give you all the camping feels, they've got tents, albeit well-furnished ones replete with hammocks and chairs to give you that complete lounging experience.

Housing 30 rooms including 2 Buddhist temples, Nimmu House is simply made for you to connect with nature itself, and not materialistic things. Plus, you can also get hooked to their adventurous activities. They've got games like chess, offer cooking classes, rafting, hikes, a meandering tour of the village and much more!

Reaching for your suitcases right about now? We thought so!

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