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#OffbeatCatererAlert: Delicious Ice Cream Rollups & a Colourful Candywala Setup - Book Up Sweet N Juicy!

The well-known conquerors of the catering realm, Sweet N Juicy has been winning hearts for over 16 years now, and continues to do so. They happily serve delectable food at events like weddings, private parties, corporate events, birthday parties, theme parties and the like. Currently, we’re totally crushing over their Ice Cream Rollups and the inviting Candywala set up - here’s why!

Customized Ice Cream Rollups | A different ice cream concept altogether, Rollups by Sweet N Juicy are absolutely delectable! See your favourite ice creams with your favourite toppings get rolled up into an amazing ice cream roll that’ll certainly drive you to heaven. 

Vibrant Candywala Set-Up | Lets face it, candies are ageless delicacies we’ll never get tired of, and Sweet N Juicy just fuels our love for ‘em perfectly! They have attractive set ups for candies and kiddie treats called the ‘Candywala’ that’s bound to render your sweet tooth spoilt for choice. They’ve got marshmallows, gummies, gems, lollipops, assorted chocolates and lots more *starry-eyed*. 

 So go make your bookings and feast your sweet tooth!

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+91 9811 373 902 & +91 9873 204 442