All ready after a revamp, the beachiest bar in town is back with a season two - think relaxed Sunday brunches, fusion cocktail bar and world cuisine. We went off to check out the revamped version, and found to our pleasant surprise that there is more sand, dim & lazy lighting and a corner for live bands. As for the food and drinks, read on to find out!

Paan ki Dukaan

We started off with the highly recommended Paan ki Dukaan, a vodka based cocktail with a fresh paan leaf with the distinctive paan aftertaste that mostly worked in its favor. We recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting cocktail!

Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a rum-infused cocktail with coconut and strawberry flavors, and just a dash of lime! Tangy and refreshing, this was our favorite as it looked beautiful with its bubblegum pink hue and tasted like a bomb!

Flamed Espresso Martini

On a cocktail roll, we then sipped on the Flamed Espresso Martini and that is one drink which we are not likely to forget in a hurry - with the strong taste of black coffee, Sambuca and coffee beans, this is something that has to be absolutely tried out.

Prawns Karwari

We sampled their Prawns Karwari, which was decent - the prawn was succulent and the ginger flavor had a good taste to it, although slightly lacking in the other spices.

Vietnamese Grilled Chicken

The Vietnamese Grilled Chicken skewers did not really appeal to us - the chicken was not well cooked, and the lemongrass-ginger flavoring did not quite do it for us or complement the dish overall.

Kerala Pepper Curry

Rather spicy, the curry hit all the right notes and tasted fantastic with steamed rice - the chicken was soft and perfectly going with the creamy masala curry.

TabulaBeach Cheeseburger

A huge burger with grilled tenderloin, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and lettuce and fries by the side. The burger was juicy and the mayo delicious, and would certainly please any burger lover - though the characteristic taste that we expected from their signature burger was missing.

Slow Roasted Mushrooms

The Slow Roasted Mushrooms too were not that appealing- the shredded parmesan spinach was rather tasty, but the mushroom was mostly bald, and did not fit in with the overall seasoning. 
TabulaBeach Café’s main courses were more enjoyable, with a menu including everything right from Mushroom Risottos to Pandi Pork Curry. It prides itself on delivering a varied, world cuisine and we were hit by a range of options to choose from!

Bunny Chow

We also had the Bunny Chow- South African lamb curry served within bun bread loaves. This again failed to impress, as the curry, which is supposed to slightly soak in the walls of the bun and leave its taste even in the bread, did not do so, although the lamb was tasty enough.

Gooey Chocolate Cake with Ice-Cream

We had the gooey chocolate cake with ice-cream which was quite delicious- the cake was more crumbly rather than gooey, but delicious all the same. The chocolate flavoring was adequate, and the whole thing melted well along the ice-cream. 

Banana and Nutella Cheesecake

We also had their banana and Nutella cheesecake, which stood in perfect layers and would be a treat for any cheesecake fan. The bananas on top, the nutella after that, the cream and cheesiness with the crumbly layer at the bottom all made for a very nice bite of the desert.

Ratings | 6.5/10 
Address | Asiad Village, Khel Gaon Marg, Near Siri Fort Auditorium 
Must Tries | Paan ki Dukaan, Flamed Espresso Martini, Kerala Pepper Curry, Banana and Nutella Cheesecake
Cost for Two | Rs 2,000