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Of Challenges, Strife & Renewed Hope: Every Rock Has A Rose Lining Is A Must Read!

Inspiration strikes in our moments of need, or maybe not? We’ve all been through those moments in life when myriad experiences set us back and we feel dejected for more reasons than one. But we have also found our way around such moments and experiences by indulging in activities that lift up our spirits and fills our hearts with hopes for a better tomorrow.

Whether it’s the endless syllabus we have to wade through or the droning monotony of our job; whether it’s the daily chores around the house or rough patches in a relationship - anything and everything in our life comes with its own set of challenges and what we do about them creates our destiny! Be it music or books, a friend or a tweet - inspiration can indeed strike anywhere. Motivation and courage is all that sets apart those who give up and those who keep moving forward.

Here is one such piece of narrative that can rekindle your lost spirit and ignite your heart with renewed hope! Every Rock Has A Rose Lining by Monalisa is set in the 1990s which tells a tale of simple living & less intrusion of technology. Written against the backdrop of a long distance relationship, it talks about Gyana - the protagonist’s pursuit of his higher education and his wife Monalisa’s support in balancing life and dreams. The distance and lack of interaction does not deter their hopes & wishes. This is a story of love, small hopes, pleasures, battles, victories for making it big in life and of not giving up against all odds and coming out victorious! 

Give this gem a read and feel rejuvenated by the freshness and hope it elicits!

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