Delhi Dweller

Observing Life Go By On The Delhi Metro - We're Lovin' All The Doodles By Instagrammer @MetroDoodle

Delhiites, there’s an all new doodler in town and we're loving his feed! @MetroDoodle’s got a quirky humour and an all new eye for all things happening around him in the metro! 

The artist draws on his iPhone while travelling in the Delhi Metro, inspired by whatever’s happening around him. It’s not graffiti or chalk art, instead it’s animated doodles on real time happenings of the Delhi metro backdrop and they’re fast gaining popularity amongst all the Instagram users!

He takes pictures of the things happening around him which are a common sight to all of us avid metro travellers and adds a well thought out and quirky doodle to it. 

If you’re up for a lil’ humour and all things offbeat, check out this artist’s Instagram page, it won’t let you down!

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