Now that the entire city of Delhi is literally studded with waffle joints left, right and centre - we bet you’ve gotten a lil bored of the same old Nutella and ice cream-slathered waffles! And so, since we’ve always got your back, we’ve hunted down nine awesome places serving refreshing, luscious waffles topped with fresh fruit - read on!

1. Wafflesome

When at Wafflesome, order up a plateful of their fruit waffles like Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry and Banana topped with oodles of maple syrup, caramel sauce and whipped cream! Ditch the same old Nutella Waffles and gorge on some fruit waffles when you next land up in M Block!

Where | M-69, Ground Floor, M Block Market, GK I
Price Per Waffle | Rs 120 
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2. Hashtag Waffles

Treat yourself to a Hashtag Waffles’ Banana, Blueberry and seasonal Mango Waffles served with fresh fruit and honey along with generous dollops of chocolate sauce and nuts. You can also top your juicy waffle with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. These fruit waffles are not just a treat for the eyes but also taste ah-mazingly delish!

Where | C- 38/5, Madhu Vihar, IP Extension 
Price Per Waffle | Rs 99
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3. Smoke House Deli 

At Smoke House Deli go in for a healthy dining experience and gorge on their fruity salads, breakfast meals, coolers and most importantly - waffles scooped with freshly cut bananas and delicious blueberry syrup. Their fruit waffles are of course, sensational, just like all their other yummy dishes, so come on by with your bestie for some indulgence!

Where | Shop No.17, 1ST Floor, Khan Market
Price Per Waffle | Rs 150 Onwards 
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4. Di Ghent Cafe

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A cutesy European boulangerie, head to Di Ghent to gorge on their range of juicy and appetizing breakfast options that include not just the Classic Banana Waffle but also Orange, Wild Berries and Pomegranate Waffles! Kick back and devour their freshly made waffles along with orange sauce, maple syrup and honey with a dash of your fave ice-cream topping it all!

Where | Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon
Price Per Waffle | Rs 370 Onwards 
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5. Stop My Starvation

At this dessert parlour-cum-cafe, come gobble up their Banana Blast and Pink Paradise Waffles that are served with freshly cut fruit along with caramel sauce *OMG YASS*, whipped cream and a scoop of creamy vanilla ice-cream. Make your breakfast lavish and satiate yourself with these pretty affordable and yummy waffles! 

Where | C-10, Malviya Nagar & M Block Market, GK I
Price Per Waffle | Rs 120
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6. Fluffles - The Fluffy Waffle Co

Boasting of having the best bubble waffles in town, Fluffles’ waffles are simply to die for! Not just in regular-joe variants of Nutella and maple syrup, their bubble waffles also come in fruit form! Come take a bite of their Strawberry Puree Waffle which is deliciously satisfying; dipped in chocolate sauce and served with freshly cut strawberries for a fruity breakfast delight, we’re already drooling looking at the pictures!

Where | GK I, Punjabi Bagh & Def Col Market
Price Per Waffle | Rs 150 Onwards
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7. Waffy 

Indulge in a fruity fresh experience by choosing from Waffy’s varietal fruit waffles for a healthy and filling breakfast. With apple cinnamon, blueberry, strawberry, mango and banana toffee flavours to choose from, add on the sugar quotient with the inclusion of whipped cream on top along with maple syrup and chocolate sauce to choose from!

Where | ME 8, M Block Market, GK 1
Price Per Waffle | Rs 100 
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8. Just Waffling Around

Apart from gorging on their unique Mint and Imli waffles, order up fruit-filled Mango and Strawberry Waffles with freshly cut mango chunks and strawberries topping the fresh and warm waffles at Just Waffling Around! These yummies are simply delectable and will make yday morning breakfast all the more scrumptious!

Where | Shop 23, Club Road Market, Punjabi Bagh 
Price Per Waffle | Rs 130 Onwards 
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9. Fig & Maple

This cutesy place tucked into GK II is well known for their breakfast offerings, and we’re particularly lovin’ their Sweet and Banoffee Waffles! These crispy waffles come dipped in maple syrup and sweet cream plus lots of fresh fruit for some added zing! Come on by and scoop up yummy waffles with a side of gossip with your BFF!

Where | M 27, M Block Market, GK II
Price Per Waffle | Rs 340 Onwards
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We’ve just take away all your excuses for getting up this Sunday and heading over for a plateful of yummy fruit waffles - happy binge-ing!