The Carmelia Haven resort proves that eco-friendly resorts need not always be a bore. The property is located on a large tea and cinnamon plantation *wow* which is a serene break from the traffic-filled lanes of the city! 

The resort has a number of accommodation options including their luxurious Cave which is an underground cellar with all the qualities of a deluxe room whilst their Jacuzzi Villa ensures optimum privacy with an in-house jacuzzi and spacious living area and they have Treehouses too.  

The resort also has a spa for peaceful rejuvenation and a multi-course restaurant. Additionally, it hosts a variety of activities with the local village that can help you come closer to nature; these include a Plantation Walk and Bird Watching. 

Stay here for a truly beautiful experience of being close to nature!

Location | Carmelia Haven Resort, Vandanmedu, Thekkady Idukki
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