St. Stephens will soon be demanding autonomy from DU and a few other colleges shall also follow suit! Now this is big news!! 

Autonomy basically implies that the college will no longer be associated with Delhi University and will simply become a separate entity on its own. The college will be free to take its own decisions in framing syllabus, fee structure, starting new college branches and will enjoy other academic freedoms. 

The other colleges along with St. Stephens that are planning on asking for autonomy as well are Shri Ram College Of Commerce, Hindu College, Hansraj College and Sri Venkateshwara College. 

This would be one major move incase it happens. Though such demands have been raised in the past too, this time a committee has been appointed to look into the matter and figure out what’s best. 

Let’s see what happens! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times