So Delhi

Now Noida's Got Its Own Version of Raahgiri - Here's All You Need to Know About The Happy Streets

Noida have you been hearing loud noises and seeing fitness freaks out on the roads every Sunday morning? These people are not insane - it's just that now you guys have your own Raahgiri happening right outside GIP! (Great India Place Mall)

So you'll spot people happily singing, dancing, exercising and enjoying to the fullest around here. A few happy sights we noticed were of kids playing soccer, skating, cycling and jumping around with balloons. It's just oodles of fun out there - join in!

Early birds, we're sure you'll be there and lazy bums you've gotta get outta bed at least once to see the magic that takes over the streets of Noida every Sunday morning. Go Happy Streets!

Where | Outside Great India Place, Noida
When | Every Sunday
Timings | 6 - 9 AM
Entry | Free