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Now Devour Value & Gourmet Burgers @ Soon-to-Arrive The Burger Club in CP

Rajouri-based eatery The Burger Club is soon gonna be launching a new outlet in Connaught Place (yay)! Even though CP is filled with a million food joints, especially burger joints like Burger King, Burger Singh, McDonalds and a few more, this new eatery is here to give these guys a lot of competition! 

What’s Cooking | Their menu is divided into value burgers and gourmet burgers. The value burgers include the Veg Club, Delhi Veg Club, and the same options in chicken and egg too! The gourmet burgers are slightly fancied up, and include Island Club, Kiwi Club, Spicy 
Chicken and Ultimate Mutton among loads more. Their menu even includes something unique called the Pizza Burger! Nice.

Along with the burgers, they even have sides like salads, chicken nuggets, chicken strips and chicken fries! 

We’re already drooling thinking about these yummy burgers, and can’t wait for the CP outlet to open! 

Meal For Two | Rs 500