While you're tightly wrapped up in the busy hustle-bustle of city life, there's just no denying that your skin often gets neglected. So to help you nourish and replenish your skin so it simply glows, Fuschia's come up with some really amazing face masks - and here's how!

Here’s the catch | With 5 exclusive variants of face masks including their Rose & Calamine, Kiwi & Asparagus, Activated Charcoal, Berry Blend and Sandal & Saffron, their masks will clear out all impurities, infuse your skin with bursts of moisture and will wipe all your stress away! 

Their face masks start from a very reasonable Rs 450 for 100 gm packs.

To get best results, use these masks once or twice a week for 15 - 20 minutes each and voila! Your skin will be better, happier and healthier. Go grab ‘em - you know your skin is craving it already!

Order Online Here | http://www.fuschia.ooo/
This is Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/fuschia.vkare/