North Campus, South Campus and now West Campus? Looks like good news is around the corner for the future graduates! No, we kid you not guys.

With a dearth of under-grad colleges in the esteemed (and supremely tough to get in) Delhi University, an appeal has been made in the Lok Sabha to build a West Campus as that part of Delhi has no good colleges. Plus, West Delhi has a lot of barren land available for building colleges. Villages of Ghumanhera, Dwarka and Najafgarh have a lot of land where colleges can conveniently be built.

At the moment, Delhi University takes in only 50,000 students from the entire country, which is a very small fraction of those who clear the 12th CBSE boards every year. With cut offs skyrocketing every year, an undergrad degree from DU has become a non-achievable dream for many. 

Even though the metro has made commuting easier to the far-off colleges, with this Bill being passed, students will get time to do other things too as they will save up on commuting time!  

Sourced Via The Hindu