Delhi Dweller

#NoPublicPooping! Mobile Toilets to Spring up in 165 Locations Across Delhi to Get Rid of Public Defacation

Picture Credits: Sajjad Hussain

Open defecation in our city is one of the most common sights and although resolving it is nearly impossible, The Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) has come up with a proposal of constructing nearly 19,000 new toilets. 

The Board has also included a new model of mobile toilets on cycle rickshaws in their ‘Delhi Slums Open Defecation Free Plan 2016-17’. This mobile toilet model will be launched for the first time in the country and will be installed at 165 locations in the capital.

This toilet has two designs - a western portable toilet and a squatting tank one, but as per the DUSIB, the latter design will be used. These mobile toilets could be quite cost effective too! 

Tipped By | The Indian Express