So Delhi

No More Trying to Figure Out Messy Timings & Entry Fees - Just Download Tour De Delhi

For all the proud Delhiites born and brought up in the capital, you would all know your way around town and all about crowded tourist attractions, but sometimes what you miss out on are the teeny details.

Just to get you out of that mess of trying to figure out the timings, the fees and exactly how to get there, Tour De Delhi is here to make things simple! And we couldn't be more glad! 

Quick Catch | Many users, while lauding the usefulness of the app, have commented on the limited number of monuments and sites covered which we hope they work on updating. 

So the next time when unexpected guests show up at your doorstep, and you’ve got to play tour guide, bank on Tour De Delhi to come to your rescue. Download now - you know you need it!

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